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Privacy Policy


At iSpot we are respecting your privacy and are committed to protect it to the best of our ability.

In this note you will find information about how we collect and use your data. If you have any concerns about how we use your data, you can always contact our Customer Service Team.

There are international as well as national laws for individuals’ confidential information and data protection which we follow at iSpot. The data controller is the absolute responsible to ensure that your data are held securely and also to provide you with accurate information about the use of your data.


Who is the Data Controller

iSpot belongs to the Ali Bin Ali group of companies and your data will be collected and used in a lawful manner by both. For the usage of your personal data you will be requested several times using our website to provide us with your consent.


When we collect data for what purpose

Every time you use our website to browse or shop, we collect some data about you which are required to allow us to provide you with our services.


What personal data we collect

In order to process, complete and deliver your purchase, we collect data such as your name, your billing address, your delivery address, payment details, contact number (mainly mobile) and your e-mail address. We also collect information about your age, your gender and your IP address.  We usually collect your e – mail address when you sign up to create an account which help us to interact with you and share with you all iSpot news, promotion and events announcements.


What data we collect when you open an iSpot account

When you register at our website, we collect your name, your e-mail address, your password, your city and your country. We may decide also to request some of your preferences regarding products and designers for marketing purposes.


What data we collect when you contact our customer service team

Every time you decide to contact our customer service team, we may collect additional data to help us handle any queries relating to your purchases, delivery issues or changes, payment concerns, website issues and marketing.


What data we collect when you browse at our website

If you have an iSpot account which means that you have provided us with your consent to collect and use your data, we collect and use your data also for direct marketing purposes.

In case you make a purchase as a gift for somebody else, we will collect the name and address of the recipient of the gift in order to be able to deliver the order. If you are the recipient of a gift, we will collect and process data only in order to fulfil the request of our customer to deliver your gift.


What data we collect when you call our customer service team

Every time you call our customer service team for your queries, you will be requested to provide us with specific personal data for verification and in order to be able to serve you better. Such calls may be recorded for quality, training and security purposes.


How do we use the data we collect

The main purposes we collect and use your data are listed below:

  1. When you make purchases we collect your personal information in order to be able to execute and deliver safely your order.
  2. When you visit the iSpot website, we collect a minimum amount of data for quality purposes. This includes, how you found our website, the date and time of your visit, the products you have browsed, the time you have spent in every page and some interaction data (such as clicks, mouse overs and scrolling).
  3. Another way we collect data about you is by using cookies. For more information please refer to our “Cookies Policy”.
  4. Creating an account at iSpot gives us the ability to interact with you by collecting some personal data which we will use to provide you with registration offers, creating a wish list or retaining your shopping bag, send you e – mails about our news and promotions. If at any stage you decide to stop receiving such information you can choose to “unsubscribe” and your data will be deleted from our data base.
  5. When you make purchases at iSpot we collect data about your purchasing habits, history as well as products/brands you have liked in order to be able to interact with you by sending suggestions of new brands products that become available at our website.
  6. Every time you browse or make a purchase at our website we record your data and analyze information relating to your lifestyle, purchase history, web browsing time in order to improve our services, website presentation, digital campaigns but also to make sure that your specific preferences are met. For instance, for products you have previously purchased we may send you notifications when on sale or if similar products have been added in our website.


Who is processing your data and how

Your personal information will be processed and analyzed by a dedicated iSpot team. This team is well trained and authorized to perform such activities. During processing your data we may transmit some of your information to other companies of our group.

Some of your personal data will be transmitted also to third parties such as the carrier in order to ensure safe delivery of your purchases.

We may also need to transmit some of your information to other parties such as bank operators, website developers and IT partners for quality and security purposes.

Last but not least, we may need to share your personal data without your consent if requested by the courts or the police for law protection reasons. In such cases your data may be shared with relevant administrative authorities for investigation, protection of public security as well as prosecution of crimes.

We may also need to transfer our database to other partners in case our company is acquired by or merged with another organization.


Legislation about using one’s personal data

The data we collect from our customers are necessary to process, execute and deliver your orders safely. International as well national laws allow collection of such data provided that are accompanied by the customer consent which will be requested several times while using our website.


How secure are your personal data at iSpot

Your data are protected to the best of our ability using several strategies and protection tools. Please refer to our “Security Policy” for more information.


What are your rights and where to submit your complaints

You have the right to request to be provided with all the data we collect about you and your habits as well as the exact reason we collect them for. You can call our Customer Service Team any time to assist you.

You have the right to request your deletion from our database without explaining the reasons. In such cases you will be requested to provide us with confidential information about you for verification purposes.

If you believe that the use of your personal information is not safe at iSpot or your data have been used against the laws or without your consent you must contact our Customer Service Team to assist you to file a complaint to the relevant authorities.

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