PanzerGlass™ iPhone 14 Pro – Classic Fit Screen Protector – Clear

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PanzerGlass is easily installed in minutes and is case friendly so you can use the same one on most cases

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  • Not only your device’s screen is protected from bumps and scratches, the surface is coated with a non-toxic active antimicrobial substance to make it resistant to bacterial and fungal build up which keeps your screen clean and hygienic.
  • PanzerGlass provides top quality oleophobic coating that resists scratches and fingerprints keeping your screen looking new.
  • Crystal Clear Glass: Ultra clear glass provides invisible protection you will think there is nothhin in between your fingers and your device.
  • 100% Touch Sensitivity: Retains screen sensitivity even after layers of protection. No delays, No lags just like touching the original iPhone screen.
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