Muvit iO Smart LED Strip WiFi RGB+CCT – 5m

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If you have a voice assistant at home like Google Home or Alexa.

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Looking for an LED strip to illuminate the exterior of your home? With the outdoor LED strip, specially made for outdoor use, you will not have to worry about getting wet from rain or any other weather.

It is specially made with IP68 protection, which will ensure that the LED strip works smoothly in any rain or splash so you can light up the exterior of your home and give it the lighting you need. Easy to install, you won’t have to complicate placing them.

Through the iO Home muvit app, you can control the LED lights and turn them off, turn them on, or change the brightness and color to your liking, without having to move to change it. It also has the option music, which with it you will discover how the lights begin to beat when capturing any sound or music that you put it.

If you have a voice assistant at home like Google Home or Alexa, you can connect the LED strip to control it through your voice, in case you don’t have the smartphone at hand, making it easier to use.

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