Muvit iO Smart LED Strip WiFi Neon RGB – 5m

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Adjustable color and intensity.

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  • With the muvit iO Outdoor Led Strip, you will discover how the lights begin to beat when any sound is captured, an option that you can configure directly from the muvit iO Home app. With an IP68, this strip is ideal for the outdoors, bringing color to the surroundings of your home.
  • Easy to install and fully controllable by your voice assistants. As with the muvit iO indoor strip, music from your smartphone, or any other source, can also be colored. Discover all the configuration options that you have within the muvit iO Home app, available for Android and iOS.
  • Live Smart – Smart control of the lighting in your home, security management, energy expenditure, and the control of turning your devices on and off, are some of the possibilities that our range of products can offer you, without the need for fees or contracts.
  • Compatible with voice assistants – Our products are designed to work with your favorite voice assistant and independently through the muvit IO Home app.
  • More than simple – Our muvit IO APP allows you to link all your devices in a single application, making your experience much easier. Completely forget about having to install many applications for different smart objects. In addition, we offer local help and respond to questions and comments in the Stores in Spanish and Portuguese
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