Muvit iO Smart LED Strip USB WiFi TV RGB With Ambience And Sound Sensor – 3m

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Discover an immersive experience of millions of colors.

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  • It is important that you take into account the color and sound sensors work separately, so you will have to choose the mode you want to use.
    There is a wide variety of LED strips on the market, which are complicated to assemble once cut and many times connecting each piece becomes a complex task. The muvit iO team has thought about this problem and we have chosen to offer you the semi-configured product. You will not have to worry about cutting anything, since we have done it for you, follow the instructions in the manual and you will see how simple it is.
  • Like all muvit iO lighting products, the Led TV Ambient strip can be controlled with the muvit iO Home app, where you will find many interesting configuration options, such as effects, scenes, color / brightness control and timer. Available for Android and iOS.
    Google Assistant and Alexa are also present in this product, and you will be able to control many functions of the Ambient LED TV Strip, with simple voice commands.
  • live smart. Smart control of the lighting in your home, security management, energy expenditure and the control of turning your devices on and off, are some of the possibilities that our range of products can offer you, without the need for fees or contracts.
  • Compatible with voice assistants. Each of our products is designed to work with your favorite voice assistant and also independently through the muvit IO Home app.
  • more than simple. Our muvit IO APP gives you the possibility to link all your devices in a single application, making your experience much easier. Completely forget about having to install many applications for different smart objects.
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