Smartix Bluetooth iPad Pencil

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Smartix Bluetooth iPad Pencil

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Smartix Bluetooth iPad Pencil

The power of the iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad is increased, and new creative possibilities are made possible with the Bluetooth iPad Pencil. Because it responds to pressure and tilt, you can quickly adjust line weight, add delicate shading, and make a variety of artistic effects, just like you would with a regular pencil, but with pixel-perfect accuracy.

The pencil can be easily paired to your device using Bluetooth, once paired you can click the top button once to return to main page, double-clicking to take a screenshot.

The Bluetooth iPad pencil has a tilt sensitivity and palm rejection so you may write with your hand naturally resting on the screen without the iPad registering any markings.

When the pencil is tilted at an angle, the tilt capability enables artists to shade identically to a real pencil. The iPad pencil uses USB-C Charging cable.

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