Eufy Pet Water Fountain

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Unique waterway design and splash-proof cover keeps your floor dry.

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  • Industry-Leading Water Filtration System: Advanced 5-stage water purification system ensures safe, clean, fresh and healthy water for your pet.
  • Powerful, Durable and Quiet Pump: 5W powerful water pump can work continuously for up to 25,000 hours (more than 2.5 years) in extreme quietness, ≤30dB in 1 ft. (30 cm) distance.
  • Superior Build Quality: BPA-free ABS plastic, 1 in (25 mm) in body thickness, it can withstand not only all kinds of overturns and scratches, but also dropping from up to 1.6 ft. (50 cm) high.
  • Elegant and Ergonomic Design: Elegant body design with 20° precisely curved head helps your pet drink in its most comfortable and natural way.
  • Safety Always Comes First: Braided power cable can withstand both the bites and pulls from a curious and naughty pet. No electric shocks will ever happen to your lovely pet when drinking.
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